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You’re chopping our monies with your hands and legs – Martin Kpebu to politicians

Private Legal Practitioner, Martin Kpebu is worried at the manner politicians are squandering state resources yet at the end of their tenure, expect to be given lump sum of money in the name of ex-gratia.

He insists that politician before the expiration of their tenure may have already benefitted from other unaccountable sources and should not burden the state kitty with ex-gratia as has been the norm since the return to democracy in 1992.

Speaking on Accra-based Okay Fm, the renowned legal practitioner bemaoned the continuous depletion of the state funds by artcle 71 and 78 holders who are privileged to enjoy benefits the ordinary citizenry is not entitled to.

“We must reduce the spending on the political class because they come in the name of service to the nation but ending spending a lot of money. The most painful thing is that, apart from ex-gratia they take 10% kickbacks from contracts. They make a lot of money from this 10% and 20% kickbacks so why not forgo the ex-gratia?”, he quizzed.

According to him, some appointees despite the unaccountable sources of revenue they are enjoying in view of contracts continuously spend government money with impunity.
“Despite these 10% and 20% kickbacks they benefit from, some of them continue to spend the cash of the nation with both ‘their legs and hands’, he stated sarcastically.

“It is difficult to police the 10% you take for awarding contracts so why burden the nation again with ex-gratia? Appointees should consider forgetting that bid”, he urged.

Martin Kpebu at the weekend called on former President John Dramani Mahama to return monies he received as ex-gratia based on principles and good faith, not law.

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Mr Martin Kpebu’s admonition to the former President has been described as silly by John Dramani Mahama.

The exchanges between the two sparked when His Excellency John Dramani Mahama served notice of his resolve to cancel ex-gratia payments due to the prevailing economic situation.
Speaking on TV3 Key Points program , Martin Kpebu said the country cannot make progress if leadership and persons seeking to lead only act and speak the law.

In his view, some decisions must be taken in principle and good faith but not necessarily on the law.

“Mr Mahama should do introspection and return it as a sign of good faith, that once I have returned the money I am committed. Number two, the amendment he should put into writing. Mahama made money whiles as president so he should look within himself and say look ‘I will return it’. He should return it because, in these national elections, they are going to do, hundreds of millions of dollars, where does it come from? They made money so the exgratia is small. So he should just tell the people ‘I have grown older, I think I have become wiser, I am returning the money,’ That exgratia he should return it”.



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