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Video of Agradaa baptizing her church members in the sea stirs reactions

Despite coming under constant fire over her so-called pastoral works, Nana Agradaa is not stopping in her tracks to prove she’s truly an ordained preacher of the gospel.

The former fetish priestess has yet again been filmed in a fast-trending video baptizing members of her church in the ocean which has caused a frenzy among social media users.

Netizens who have come across the video slammed Agradaa for resorting to the ocean to cleanse her members when she had a luxurious baptism in her swimming pool at home after she converted from her fetish worship to Christianity.

Many even argued that her style of baptism, where she was shown dipping her members in the sea once, goes contrary to the biblical norm of dipping people in water three times to signify the Trinity when cleansing them.

Watch the video below

Others believe all that she was doing were mere shenanigans to win the hearts of gullible people who have refused to access her questionable behaviour on social media.

Nana Agradaa was recently in the news for making what many described as condescending remarks on the back of Christian Atsu’s death following the Turkey earthquake.

Unsurprisingly, she hit back at her critics including Nana Yeboah with insult-ladened videos – with the latest being Evangelist Diana Asamoah who fell under her sharp blade.

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