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Sporadic gunshots at midnight scare Nyankpala locals

File photo: Gun

Most residents reportedly could not sleep all night as sporadic gunshots were heard for roughly three hours throughout Sunday midnight in the Nyankpala township.

The situation has heightened fear among residents who felt the directive given by the district security council (DISEC) for the final funeral rites to be performed will bring closure to the chieftaincy dispute in the Nyankpala community.

The regent was given a week to perform the final funeral rites of his late father Alhaji Abdulai Yakubu who died in July 2020 as the paramount chief of the Nyankpala traditional area in the Tolon district.

Some students in the town said they have to stay up all night just to be sure if it was a celebration shot. However, it only turned out to be long gun battle than expected.

Some students say if the situation continues till Monday they will be forced to leave the community to join their colleagues on the UDS campus for lectures.

Some called for a stay of the military in the community until the funeral rites begins or endd in the community.


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According to a police source at the northern police command, plans are far advanced to deploy more men for patrols to safeguard any situation if the funeral rites begin during the day and night, around offices in the UDS campus area, and hostel facilities to prevent any situation.

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