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Some places in Nigeria are nicer than in Europe, they only have electricity – Finland-based Nigerian – SVTV Africa

Finland-based Ghanaian, Adeniran Kikelomo has mentioned that some areas in Nigeria are nicer than some areas in Europe, but the latter can boast of good roads and electricity.

Speaking on SVTV AFRICA with DJ Nyaami, Adeniran revealed that her daughter came back from school to ask if Africans have no food as her teacher said. She indicated that European children are still being brainwashed into believing Africa is a jungle with little or no food.

“They (Europeans) used us (Africans) as a case study to persuade their kids to eat. (Meanwhile) they import most of their foods. The only thing they show them here is poverty and how they are helping Africa.

If I go to Lagos, Abuja, or Ikoyi, it is much more beautiful than some places here. The only thing is electricity 24/7, and there are good roads. Nothing else,” she said.

Adeniran stated that the only reason many Africans often risk their lives for greener pastures abroad is the “exchange rate.” According to her, many Africans, including her, would not bother travelling abroad if the value of their currency were higher.

“I’m not going to stay here if 1 Euro is equal to 1 Naira. What will I be doing there? I’ve tasted both sides, and so I know. Everybody here has access to education unlike in Nigeria. Only the rich have access to good education, and it shouldn’t be so. That is the government’s fault,” she added.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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