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Soldiers Arrest 72 Ashaiman Youth Over Colleague’s Murder


Some 72youth of Ashaiman where a soldier was killed over the weekend have been rounded up by personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).
The soldiers were led by senior officers over murder of their colleague.

The suspects have been sent to the Michel Camp near Tema to be investigated by the military police.

Military personnel stormed the area in buses, armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and pick ups together with helicopter monitoring the situation.

They positioned themselves from Keta House near Official Town through to Taifa.

Another group also stormed both Old and New Tulaku as they arrested the persons to assist with investigations.

The invasion saw the military brutalizing civilians after lining them up on the streets.

Information gathered indicates that the officers were deployed from Michel Camp, the base of the First Battalion of Infantry of the Ghana Army.

According to the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashaiman, Ernest Norgbey, the military men who allegedly stormed the homes of some civilians in Ashaiman and brutalized them on Monday, March 6 were from Michel Camp, of the First Battalion of Infantry of the Ghana Army located at Tema.

Mr Norgbey said on Tuesday, March 7 that “I know the men (military men) are coming from Michel Camp. I have called the head there but his line is unreachable.”

“I know the men (military men) are coming from Michel’s camp. I have called the head there but his line is unreachable.

He added “Whoever committed the crime (killing the military man) should face the full rigorous of the law.”

An eyewitness reported that “a military person was killed in the area and now the soldiers are moving from house to house, beating people. Once they meet you, they give you the warning to go inside. We are under curfew kind of. ”










By Vincent Kubi

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