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SOL Is Dead Now; Long Live BudBlockz 

In the Crypto industry, you will witness the growth of many Blockchain projects. But, not every project makes it to the end. Most of the time, even efficient and committed development tends to fail. This is because they are unable to survive the fluctuations of this market. The projects fail to keep a track of all the movements in the industry, leading them to exit the market.

All these lead to a decline in the popularity of the projects. The value of their tokens falls as well for similar reasons. But, new projects are released in the market quite often and they substitute the failed projects.

In addition, fresh projects can also surpass the old ones in success. Similar is the case of Solana, as this is dead now. At present, BudBlockz has the potential to replace Solana, in terms of value too!

The Declining Condition Of SOL

The crash of FTX seems to be the major reason behind the downfall of many Cryptocurrencies. Many such Cryptos faced loss in terms of value and declining demand. Solana was a prominent coin that faced the biggest blow with FTX collapse!

The token of this project, SOL, fell from 38 USD in November to a shocking amount of 13 USD in December! The dip in its value is more than 65%. This fall reveals that this project is facing a major downfall at present. And soon, you may no longer find SOL, as it may disappear!

Even the supporters of this coin are no longer to be found. Investors who were interested to add SOL to their portfolio, are now in search of a better alternative. They are avoiding this Crypto as they do not want to take high risks or experience losses in huge amounts. But, BudBlockz is appearing as the best alternative to Solana.

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Why Is BudBlockz Rising At Present?

Different reasons are leading to the rise of BudBlockz. The first reason can be the inexpensive rate of BLUNT, which is about 0.04 USD. This low rate is making the entry barrier quite low. Everyone can access it and join the cannabis enthusiasts community.

Also, it is a fresh project with a new concept. This ecosystem focuses on providing a comfortable manner of interacting with the cannabis community. BudBlockz has a perfect strategy to achieve this objective as well. It implements a solution to all the closed cannabis marketplace.

Earlier, many firms faced issues in fundraising, logistics, and in data management. But now, with the help of BudBlockz’s e-commerce outlet and it is token, BLUNT will offer easy access to this class. Anyone can have access to fractional ownership, be it farms or CBD manufacturers.

Being an NFT marketplace, this project also offers you transparency, tight security, and participation without any permission. In addition, the users can also get mainstream appeal! BudBlockz is much more than just a Crypto project. It is releasing the BudBlockz arcade and other such NFT-based games, which will be retro-inspired.

Why Are Investors Crazy For BudBlockz?

This project is now in its presale stage and many investors are ready to add it to their list. But why is it so?

Many investors have wanted to join the rising cannabis market for quite a long time. But the conventional barriers made it impossible for them to join it. For these investors, BudBlockz is a perfect solution to join this market.

This project is making its way to the cannabis market and allowing investors to join the market that has 176.5 billion USD estimated by the next decade!


With more investors and brands joining the project, BudBlockz will attract more popularity and fame. And, the value of its token, BLUNT will also rise.

With this token, more investors can proceed to join the project’s ecosystem. And, they will be capable of using their fractional ownership. With this, this ecosystem will be ever-growing. As a whole, BudBlockz holds huge potential and now is replacing Solana!

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