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Nana Aziaku IV Appointed Acting Prez of AhantaTraditional Council

Nana Aziaku IV speaking to the media after his confirmation

Nana Aziaku IV, Divisional chief and Tufuhene of Ahanta Traditional Council (ATC), has been confirmed as the Acting President of the Council.

The confirmation brings to an end the controversy surrounding the acting President of the Council after the home call of the overlord of Ahanta, Otumfuo Baidoo Bonsoe XV.

It would be recalled that on February 7, this year, some of the  Divisional chiefs, led by Nana Kofi Etsin, chief of Abodes, Nana EgodziEssoun, chief of Kwesimintsim and Nana Bozza, chief of Akatakyi nominated Nana AkwadziAbraba IV, a Member of the Council of State as acting president of the ATC.

At a meeting of Divisional chiefs and Odikros last week Thursday, the two groups unanimously kicked against the nomination of Nana Akwadzi Abraba IV and instead confirmed Nana Aziaku IV, Tufuhene and Divisional chief of Agona Nkwanta, as Acting President of the Council.

At the meeting, Nana Etsin Kofi and EgodziEssoun, chief of Aboade and Kwesimintsim, who were pushing for Nana AkwaziAbraba as Acting President,explained why they settled on the woman.
EgodziEssoun had earlier explained to the meeting why they settled on NanaAkwaziAbraba as Acting President of the council.

According to him, the Chieftaincy Act explains clearly who should act as president.  Nana Egodzi Essoun further told the meeting that the Chieftaincy Act mandated the Council to select an Acting President. As a result, the standing committee met and decided to settle on Nana AkwaziAbraba.

He explained that, Nana AkwaziAbrabawould lead the Council as statutory leader and not as customary leader, and that the customary rites resided in Nana Aziaku IV, the Tufuhene of the Traditional Council.

He further explained that though the selection of NanaAkwaziAbraba has raised issues, but that was the lawful decision of the Council members.

NanaEtsin Kofi on his part emphasised that the Act was clear as to who should act as President of the Council. Here, members at the meeting insisted he quoted and read exactly what the Act states in respect of who was to act as President.
But Nana Aboade insisted that Nana AkwaziAbrabawould only act as statutory acting president whilst Nana Aziaku would also perform customary function.
In a sharp rebuttal, Nana Nwia, Divisional chief of Hotopo rose to his feet to challenge what he described as wrongful interpretation of the law.
According to him, in the Chieftaincy Act, there is nothing like statutory and customary function.

The Acting President, Nana Nwia Nwia, explained performs the two functions.
“There is never a history of one Acting President performing a customary function and another statutory function”.
Nana NzaMfram, a Divisional chief of Himakrom, who is also Gyasehene of the ATC also buttressed Nana Hotopo’s explanation.

According to him, the interpretation of the Chieftaincy Act as explained by Nana Aboade,that apportioning same role to two different persons was wrong.
He reminded NanaAboade that there was nothing like statutory Acting President in the Chieftaincy Act.

According to him,“the whole thing is, the occupant of the stool, which is next to the Omanhene stool, customarily becomes the Acting President and same perform statutory functions for the Council”.
After arguing for some time, the meeting unanimously settled on Nana Aziaku as Acting President, who would perform both statutory and customary functions.

Nana Kofi Armoh, Senior Gyasehene and Divisional chief of Egyambra prayed and poured libation to signify the confirmation of Nana Aziaku IV as Acting President of the ATC.

Nana Kofi Armoh told the meeting that, the decision taken by the meeting and the subsequent confirmation of Nana Aziaku as acting president would be conveyed to the Council.

Addressing the meeting, Nana Aziaku, who accepted the new role, asked for unity and togetherness.He said there was no doubt that he was the qualified one to act as President.

However, there were attempts to deny him of the position, sparking spontaneous cheers from the members at the meeting.

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