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My comedy skits are inspired by past experiences with some men of God – Actor

Comedian actor, Gh Koose
Comedian actor, Gh Koose

Muse they say is in diverse forms and very dynamic. Every creative piece is borne out by different muse per the environment or experiences.

As the internet becomes a thriving space for short movies and videos, most of the contents, though they match up on humor factors, are borne out of inspirations as well.

Comic actor and internet sensation Gh Koose, who is popularly known for short comedy skits, has shared his views on what inspires him to shoot most of his videos.

Known for content related to the backlashes of men of God and church occurrences, the comic actor stated that his past experiences with men of God mostly inspire his content, style of script, and direction.

According to him, the ordeal some men of God subjected him to some years ago is what inspires him.

He narrated that he used to move from one man of God to the other, though he belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, to seek for spiritual intervention to be in the spotlight during his days in a popular TV series, Barber and Shoeshine.

He said he was made to buy pigeons, doves, birds, and other items that amounted to nothing but rather a waste of resources and time.

He made these revelations in an interview on GTV’s Breakfast Show on February 7, 2023.

He added that, out of desperation to be in the spotlight despite what the men of God did to him, he followed a friend to seek the services of native doctors both in Ghana and Benin, but what surprised him was that he was not asked for any money as compared to the huge sums the men of God did ask of him.

He further stated that after all he went through, he had to decide to back off his plans to become a star and focus on his life.

He claimed that he came this far thanks to the advice of a hookup lady he met.

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