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Meet the famous Ghanaian actor who used to hawk sobolo, insecticide spray

His moniker ‘Sobolo’ did not come by chance, but an identity he inherited while hawking the local drink on the streets of Anwia Nkwanta.

This is the real life story of famous Ghanaian actor, Sobolo who revealed in a latest interview the hustle he had to endure in his early ages to make ends meet.

According to him, at the time when he was in abject poverty, he found himself on the ‘streets’ of Bekwai with no hope or income.

He was forced to hawk any item that could fetch him some cash, including insecticide spray.

When the ‘sobolo’ business went down, he said he trekked all day hawking insecticides, and at night he slept on pavements of people’s homes or in front of stalls.

“On cloudy days, you have to pray it doesn’t rain because you will be awake all night while thinking of how to keep the wares dry. On other days, it was very scary because you don’t know the evil awaiting you or criminals targeting you,” he told Kwaku Manu during Aggressive Interview.

However, luck shone on him as far back as 2008 when he was invited to a movie set to play a supporting role with food as payment.

He went on for years until he met Ras Nene (Dr Likee) who introduced him to top producers and featured him in skits.

Not only was he playing roles, he was also in charge of costumes and locations and earning decent wages.

Currently, he is confident he will no longer go back to hardship and he owes the blessing to his senior colleague Dr Likee.


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