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Lawyer offers pro bono legal services to Ashaiman residents brutalized by military

Lawyer and lead convenor of civic movement, FixTheCountry, Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vorma, who has already put his legal expertise to the benefit of many others for free, condemned the invasion of Ashaiman and attack on residents by the soldiers in apparent retaliation over the killing of their colleague. He noted that the military had no locus or justification whatsoever to attack the area to exact revenge for their colleague in a democratic dispensation.

He conceded that the killing of the soldier was unacceptable but pointed out that the penchant of the military to brutalize citizens must be watched since it portends danger for the future of the country.

“The Military have no law enforcement powers. They cannot investigate crime that occurs when committed by civilians. Even if it’s against a Military personnel.

The rampant way in which military officials roam our streets and decide to take the law into their own hands must be watched ooo.

I totally condemn the killing of the young military officer in Ashaiman. However, to think that Military persons can just storm communities and brutalize them in revenge under a democracy is a really really dangerous trend oooo.

When we refuse to prosecute them for Ejura and for Wa. We are encourage many more Ashiaman.

I am willing to provide pro bono legal representation to anybody who was injured, brutalized, or even detained by the Military for their stupidity in Ashaiman,” he stated.

He lamented that even in the face of institutionalized tyranny, everyone, especially lawyers, must still seek to live up to the expectations of the rule of law.

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“We all, lawyers in particular, have a responsibility to ground the rule of law even in the face of institutionalized tyranny,” he concluded.

The has been roundly condemned for brutalizing innocent people over the gruesome killing of their colleague




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