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Land Reforms for the Trying Poor and Climate Change

climate change
Climate change

Human greed through extreme capitalism contributes to both poverty and the challenging climate change we face. Since we are more concerned of sharing solutions than trading blames, presenting our ideas must include confronting possible excuses our corrupt leaders may put forward. Satisfying human needs and reasonable wants should be a global concern, unless we choose indifference or blindly supporting cruel systems. God created enough land until human multiplication ratio poses a new threat, but He seemingly care through knowledge we may reject in greed or arrogance? We need lot of food forests and our rising population demand very ‘revolutionary’ land reforms that some wealthy governments and people may oppose. The God of the Land and conscience has seen enough land abuse against the poor, but will He quickly help in realization, beyond feasible words? We need new minimums of story buildings to create more space for forests; we equally should make them affordable to every trying poor. We need limits to how much land a person can own as residential or business, similar to antitrust laws.

The capitalist approach to land is indeed financial robbery by governments against the public, especially the poor. By allowing few greedy people and companies to control the needed Land , government will make the most money as partner in crime and give late and insufficient rescue to what percentage of the trying poor?

Ask your God given rights to land and negotiate with governments and the people towards reasonable access. Adam and Awa (Eve) did not buy land to live or for grave, but when did land cost started and is the rising rates reasonable? Even during colonisation, land access was relatively easy. Our mixed blessings through globalisation saw very questionable governments pressuring other governments on how to control people more than serve people, and used the mainstream media to further justify abuse and even failed systems ? Worse, they reject very reasonable remedies by refusing to echo, forwarding excuses, or fighting against transformers for higher good.

Global solution to land should work globally, not copied from Russia, which is the largest country on earth; nor copied from the u.s , which is the third largest country on earth and have enough land. Our system should not be based on just average country, but even the country with very small land space. So I will use the Gambia, the smallest country on mainland Africa, as example, versus u.s. Our president Mr. Adama Barrow was a real estate business person like Donald Trump , and both presidents refused to make any meaningful efforts on land reform. I think they were blind to how the corrupt system enriched them, but are they blind that every citizen is now like their child they should cater for, at least on needs or God revealed dues?

A good parent does not just care for the shelter needs of an offspring as child, but elects leaders and fights for systems that ascertain even unseen grandchildren will not suffer over land access, food, education, etc. A good state must differentiate how to tax and regulate needs versus wants, how to respect personal rights versus police crimes between creatures. A person’s needs include food, shelter, great air, quality water, sex, etc.

The Solution: A minimum of 22 story buildings in small Gambia or xyz mean people owning floors of about 22 by 22 empty floor, partially built, or totally built homes. It means much safer homes, more affordable, and easier to service homes. Let’s use Kuntaya or Memmeh village of Jokadu district (county) as examples. Imagine 40 story buildings , each having at least 22 floors in such a village. Every adult can own a floor or part of it, including women, and living spaciously within working distance? Knowledge and money may be claimed as barriers, but how do they plan to spend the money for climate change they are requesting from richer countries? Trickle down theory or smarter direct help to people? Beside western funds, the millions we spend on roads can shift to great housing and we shift to personal aircrafts like drones… Beside western or government funds, an experimental approach can be funded by caring billionaires or even the locals who are inefficiently building through expensive individual methods. Two of my blood brothers happen to be among the top builders in the Gambia, but I question their mindsets towards our local communities, the Gambia, Africa , and the world on land reform. If My brothers + want to over charge, then we must consider robots building at least the structures, or are there world billionaires who truly care about humanity and climate change?

If president Barrow or xyz truly understood my vision, then using my two brothers and xyz can easily do a sample. Project A can be simplest floors for sale: This means simplest structure– or building the pillars, beams, concrete floors, safety rails, stairs, elevators. We do smart calculations and add no more than fifteen percent of the cost, and how many will quickly buy a floor of 22 by 22 meters? Because structural work is done by professionals under cameras, it will be safe, and we can regulate how each may proceed with qualified builders or easily installable hemp panels of hemp wood , hemp plastic, or xyz? We can farm the hemp and build the factories in the Gambia or xyz, or import the first trial. Hemp is also more fire resistant and climate friendly than what Gambians and most of the world build with today. Which builder or builders will be the first to try it in the Gambia and every country?

Project B can be little more sophisticated, we can do the outer walls of every floor and let each decide on the divisions inside. Whether you want to do indoor gardening on the whole floor or a fraction of it, let good regulations be followed and closely studied. Again, about fifteen percent added cost is reasonable. Then project C can be a complete finished 22 by 22 apartments , with about three rooms for possible children. Remember the future demands more individual adult living, for possible separation of adults, change of environment, and just space management from personal preference.

Rather than the thousands of poor and rising better homes in Jokadu district , we can have hundreds of much better homes and free up how much space for trees, parks, and other needs? Vegetable and herbs gardening should certainly be through Badafos green fence, green house, or Badafos green towers. With such a project there, a world class university, factories, and what else can easily follow suit?

Even if president Barrow is convinced it is a great idea, the u.s government may object or demand the steel or xyz for pillars and beams be bought where? This is why we should seek global, including u.s and try to do it with or without government . A caring u.s or xyz Billionaire can do it in u.s or partner up with my type in Africa. I have the option to join the present real estate business in the Gambia, but my conscience does not allow me to sell the ridiculous amounts of Land rates in poor Gambia, it is worse than u.s , unless u.s is getting worse than I knew.

Beside governments and billionaires using real life examples in better ways than Wakanda movie or Akon city for the richest, we can have 100 to 1000 Gambians or xyz smartly start it, but must guard it well or they may sabotage it… It is exceptionally hard to find good empty land in the Gambia for under four thousand dollars now, then how much to build the foundation, pillars, and beams? How many Gambians or xyz can trust me or xyz in solid agreements, by each contributing about five to xyz thousand dollars for a floor in project A style example? Remember, ours include foundation, pillars, etc. Social security and housing Finance corporation of the Gambia (SSHFC)is perhaps the cheapest land provider at the moment and they are yet to try the Kind of more efficient futuristic approach of the marijuana guy on land? History should note how many housing projects they did without thinking about minimum story buildings, when they may ever try it, and the impact it will have on climate change? If I convince Ghanaians, Brazilians, or Nigerians to start it, then an expensive study trip of educated non-thinkers may accept it by when? A big family like the Gigo family is not united enough to try it, but will other families try it? Which Diaspora association will do it for selves, a group of teachers or nurses, a village transformation example, etc?

Why minimum of 22? April 22 is considered ‘earth day’, worldwide. Symbolic number. So it is not a ‘catch 22’, but a sample where another inspiring movie can be shot at with transformative ideas for a better world. With Badafos green fence/towers; Adfec zones; Free water movement, drought resistant , and year round farming; preventive health centers; etc, we can inspire how to build Africa+.

Where Government matters most: limiting the number of homes a person can own in a country, continent, or world. I will recommend about three residential places per person in a country, six in a continent, and nine in the world. Land is limited and we all need it, so allowing people to own too much of it will lead to abuse in one form or another. In this information age, governments can easily make agreements to reduce the dangerous land grab. Government should control at least fifty percent of the land , but for the people in well established constitutional clauses that demand even a laborer deserves land based on xyz percent within xyz years. Owning a home is called the ‘American dream’, but it should be a human right, dream, and reality. It starts with land and you build or hire builders. A human being is lucky to have hundred years at the moment, so we should own land by age twenty five and still give room for owning multiple homes.

Incremental rates: first home rate should be cheaper, then second and more to go higher… Through standards and such mass building methods, we can smartly destroy buildings in hundred to two hundred years in safe ways, then rebuild better. Because of evolution, inheriting homes may not be very ideal. So your children and grandchildren will be given much smarter guarantees to own homes based on the time and knowledge available then… A big percentage of present to future homes should be prefabricated from the factory in very light and strong material like hemp or fiber in panels. We should be able to farm and build enough homes for the whole Gambia in less than five years, with God’s help. A worldwide culture of cameras and other things can add lot of safety for single or married women to live independently or hop together between places.

By accepting who so ever is ready to learn and work deserves reasonable fun, we will share knowledge and help people live, not just survive. Certain securities should reduce drug abuse or we accept and learn how to have fun, not play with our precious lives or others. If your love is limited to self, family, or even country, then you may not understand our global love.

Commercial land can be similarly regulated, except through lease and percentage based rents. Sometimes we sadly abuse business folks, before the poor to pay, in the name of location. Like over protective laws on intellectual property can be dangerous, over protective laws on land ownership can also be very dangerous. So investors should be controlled and protected enough. Once they recover investments and make reasonable profits, we must remember the public interest. Some commercial properties should be renewable leased and some up to about twenty years after the owner’s death, the inheritors or society should reclaim the land and a percentage be given to inheritors where need be. Remember it is such recoveries and reselling will accommodate for financing of orphans and other social needs. Present laws of the Gambia and most places have about 99 years lease of property; then questionable transfer fees kick in even on inheritance…

Women owning land: There is lot of debates on how people abuse women on land ownership, but the problem is more with government refusing to stop greed on land abuse on even men and refusing to acknowledge every citizen deserves it after xyz years of work. Women just have people who voice for them, but the poor can be any gender. Once we start to see it as right and do the necessary reforms, then women can own land and even participate in building in more pronounced way than today’s world. Interlocked Hemp bricks are light enough for average nine year old girl, so fifteen year old girls should be able to easily handle hemp panels of the near future. We should strive for worldwide hemp legalisation and ask the Lord of knowledge for more knowledge and realization, but will we gratefully share with the poor?

Land abuse versus rent abuse: We have seen different types of rent abuse to people, directly and through businesses. It is vital to have great regulations where people do not abuse needs. Governments have regulated many different wants and things like transportation in some places, but land and rent should be regulated lot more as needs. It is also vital to help people who lost their jobs to make payments or defer payments until they regain employment. With the type of villages and cities we intend for the new world, jobs should seek people after the mandatory and optional education , rather than people seeking jobs from places to places. People personally flying similar to birds, instead of driving, should be pushed asap, it will help in many ways.

We hope governments, especially Developing countries, have the courage to implement the needed reforms and people to live freely under God in a much better world. Let good people come together as we are trying to rescue humankind from a man made disaster. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Optional note:

Do you want for yourself, child, grandchildren or the poor around the world to worry less about land access? If you were to reincarnate, a good system is as vital as good parents. A good system will take care of the orphans, including those with weak parents. Sometimes you may not abuse the poor directly, but if you support systems that abuse the poor, then when will you repent or how will God judge? Down time for builders and real estate agents are billed against the poor, then the luxuries they want are praised by questionable politicians+? I do not think I advocate for ‘free’, but reasonable must include every reasonable worker. I feel sorry for the poor who pays a full day’s wage to have low sex or porn, through cruel culture+; but also for the laborer who work for decades and ten percent savings cannot buy him or her even land, through cruel governments+? Then some countries are over selling even a grave? A family who lost a loved one and funeral costs are now different levels of robberies? No robot, nurse, or soldier can sacrifice to clean a dead body, or will the robot owner charge too much? They claim health risks to robots+ to justify charges or deny you taking the risk to clean your family, who died before you? Then airlines over charge to transport a body? Or pay a fortune to bury in a graveyard that should be modernised or nature friendly? Do not say not Africa, because it may come like land selling or shouldn’t we care about the poor in the west, at least on urging? Even questionable cremation is expensive in many places. Human emotions want to adore the body, so let 100 to 150 years be enough to rebuild graveyards? Or do we need grave -towers? When s/he was living, s/He lived in towers, so how can it be wrong to have decomposable or even questionably built tower graveyards for the death? I have no reason to look down on the death, but I see no reason to visit graveyards as respect? Not interested in even the graves of prophets, I pray for their souls. Still, I fight for affordable burials for the poor, urge for their feeding, shelter , and beyond? Is it my conscience or the God of Islam who still values the poor through me? Even the ‘people of the Garden ‘ were not allowed to be indifferent to the poor, so why are the ‘people of technology ‘ not ready to free and help the poor? South America can feed themselves or even u.s and Canada.

The guilty poor: The sad reality is there are many guilty poor, from mindset to supporting questionable governments, with words or even actions. How many poor people sell land worse than SSHFC or xyz government agencies in your country? How many poor people buy expensive to sell even worse, at least with intentions? So my plan will be frowned at as spoiler or will they see how God may help us or even their grand children? You may have relatives who benefit from a corrupt system, but a good system benefits all, including your unknown coming relatives. Some things were not meant for abusive sale, and I was not innocent. The Land belongs to God, so be careful of denying people land through abusive rates or systems you support. They may label me/you a futuristic socialist or communist, but fight for the poor on needs… Then pressure the poor to respect learning and working as conscience demands from humans. I stand for the Trying poor, not every poor. They claim our African leaders make us poor, but how about international laws, system imports, and pressures? They claim only the useless suffer in u.s or xyz, but veterans were homeless… Many hard working people are sometimes denied even work to end up homeless. Then government take taxes or loans to subsidise housing for some, not others? We can certainly build multiple homes of different sizes, not just the 22 by 22 meters size. If you want to build any building that is less than 22 floors in the Gambia or xyz from now on, you will need a special permit, explain why, and may pay extra taxes… Everyone can own a garden of at least vegetables and herbs, with vertical growing and efficient technologies. We can share food, especially if we spare the animals from killing…

Lazy owners: When you allow Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Ms. Clinton, or a woman who cannot work on 100 by 100 meters to inherit or own 1000 by 1000 meters or kilometres, then s/he will abuse workers as ‘favor’ and be worse than the forbidden ‘interest’ (usury) to encourage work or minimise abuse against the poor ? What percentage of investment on land warrants what percentage of shares until when? Or should we allow land hostage and ready to work people denied access to land? Let the government take over all or most of the land, and the poorest be given access or fight beyond protest. Should I pay the government 10 to 30% for farm usage or pay 50%+ to a rich lazy land owner until when? Remember a culture of cameras is inevitable, so I can pay money, pepper, or hemp as taxes to government ? Then they can export, process, or help the poor. We can house , feed, and employ many street seekers (‘beggars ‘) .

Some may argue many women may make too many babies if shelter is too easy, but I doubt it if we rightly educate people. There might be a small percentage doing it now anyway, but it is often to get land+, so we cannot cave to assumptions and unnecessary fears. Even if such a project add one million babies in Africa as example, how many food forests and other benefits will this approach bring? I think it will be net gain and may God realize it.

Governments will always make money through land, but we should reduce how much they make, especially against the poor. The different taxes , fees, and departments they involve on land is enough money for them. The problem is allowing near zero regulation on land cost and refusing to accept better ways, like minimum story buildings. The limited regulation they added in the Gambia is lawyer involvement in transfers, which is still against the poor. The lawyer may not work a total of eight hours on the transfer, but may demand about six months pay of average teacher or laborer in the Gambia. By addressing the whole country, digitalise the addresses, we can have government issue land and do transfers without mandatory lawyer, or regulate how they charge on a need. Allowing few sellers abuse countless buyers on a need is not conscientious. Take over or set reasonable regulations to stop the abuse.

If you wish or provide shelter for ten family members and feel proud, then I wish and trying to help billions have least worries about shelter. You can join me in different ways or where will be the souls of the caring? I am lucky compare to many from birth to date, but some billionaires were reportedly homeless? Will Tyler Perry or xyz make a movie with me or which Saudi or xyz Billionaire knows the Quran and still ignore an urge to help the poor? The Beloved Jesus Christ marvelled , ‘how hard it is for the rich [to help the poor] to enter heaven’. And I am not asking them

to sell everything for the poor, but they refuse even 10 to 25% from their billions/millions? Some say or think Jesus ‘died for their sins’ of land abuse, indifference to the poor , etc? Remember how we are going to fund building the food forest, for food, better air, and climate change. Who will sponsor how many trees for five years or volunteer how many hours of labor? So every kilometre of housing, I recommend skipping at least 3 kilometres for food forest, by law. Then how much space for hemp and other grains? Then how much space for animals or what science and ch.55 said? I will love to own beautiful home, a vegan adfec restaurant or brand , a body+ camera factory, an orchard or just a fractional partner in that, a preventive health center, or how much land do I need to own versus lease? It’s existence matter most, then the percentage towards helping the poor mean more than many vaccines… malnutrition and poor shelter do indeed contribute to diseases, understandable stress, and even early death. Feel free to demand completing the mandatory education of up to twenty years or pay extra for land. May God provide for us in much better ways on earth and life after death.

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