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Lady recounts how she was pregnant for 5 months without knowing (Video)

A young mother has recalled how she was pregnant for five months with no idea that she was expecting a baby.

Young mother unexpected pregnancy

The lady took to social media to recall her unexpected second journey into motherhood as she shared the beautiful development of her newborn.

She revealed that she had given birth to her first child when, after five months, she began getting lean.

At first she had thought it was due to breastfeeding but she didn’t, at the time, know that she had gotten pregnant for the second time.

She hadn’t also menstruated and she had attributed that to the fact she had just delivered her first child.

When she finally found out and began antenatal, the foetus was already 8 months old.

The young mom later delivered her second child, making her a proud mother of two.

Watch the video below:


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