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I’ll deal with you – Slim Busterr threatens Agradaa over defilement allegation

Even domiciled in the United Kingdom, legendary artiste and dancer Slim Busterr has not escaped being in the Ghanaian news headlines, and this time it is concerning his feud with Agradaa.

Slim Busterr has threatened to deal physically and spiritually with the self-acclaimed evangelist over an accusation of defilement she made against him.

In the heat of their online banter, Agradaa alleged that Busterr had been picked up by the UK police for defiling a four-year-old girl.

Among other things she alleged that Busterr has lost his spark on women due to his homosexual nature, for which he has to molest little girls for satisfaction.

The homosexual allegations, Buster said he will not waste time to address because it’s a fake, stale news, but an allegation of defilement is too serious to ignore.

In an interview on GhPage, he denied ever sexually abusing anyone, not to talk of a minor, and he has not been arrested as speculated.

“She called me gay, I kept quiet, now she has descended to rape, it’s too much. Rape is a serious issue especially in UK here so if I have defiled someone, do you think I will be walking freely,” he defended.

Consequently, he said he is ready to deal with Agradaa physically, spiritually and legally, even if every penny of his would be lost in the battle.

“I give you assurance that she has bitten the wrong meat. I give her 24 hours for her to show the videos and evidence she claims she has else Ghana will be too small for us. Every penny of mine will go into it.”

According to Slim Busterr, the feud started after he commented on an issue relating to her in one of his blogs.

His comments did not sit well with Agradaa who called in on one of his live interviews to rain unprintable words on him on his own platform.

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