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Ghana is like a torn rug; you can only patch it up – France-based Ghanaian – SVTV Africa

France-based Ghanaian Richard has likened Ghana’s state to a torn rug that cannot be fixed but only patched.

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide with DJ Nyaami, Richard mentioned that he did not see changes in Ghana during his recent visit. According to Richard, the state of the country is deteriorating.

“I came back from Ghana three days ago, and I might go back in June or July again. The Ghana I left before is not what I see now. It seems like a torn rug that can never be fixed. It won’t get better, so you just have to patch it up,”

Moreover, Richard indicated that the state of some Ghanaian policemen left him heartbroken. He said, “it is sad to see the current state of policemen guarding our nation. I saw some of them, and I’m talking about what I saw.

I saw one at Kanieshie, and it is sad. From his uniform to having no weapon and how mates (bus conductors) were arguing with him. But you can’t argue with a policeman here. The state of the police there is tough.”

According to Richard, he once dreamed of becoming a policeman in Ghana, but he could not pursue it. As a result, he often checks them out whenever he’s in the country.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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