GFA promotes Ghana Premier League games but the clubs have refused to do same – Prosper Harrison Addo

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) is unhappy over accusations that it has pocketed $1 million from the betPawa sponsorship deal meant for the advertisement of the Ghana Premier League.

This season, the football association has been blasted on several occasions and accused of failing to market the top-flight league.

Speaking to Akoma FM on the matter, GFA General Secretary Prosper Harrison Addo says such claims are false.

According to him, the Ghana FA even promotes the league matches more than the clubs themselves.

“Promotion is not for a particular group only. Clubs must promote their matches because they enjoy the majority share of the gate proceeds, and FA is giving a small amount.

“Sometimes it seems FA promotes the games but the clubs do not. Clubs were told to do pre-match conference on Thursdays and Fridays, they started and stopped later, and should the FA apply the laws journalists will jump to the conclusion that we (the FA) are against them,” Prosper Harrison Addo shared.

On what has happened to the $1 million allocated for the promotion of the league, the GFA General Secretary said, “Attendance is not only about the promotion Betpawa wants to do. We had it in the past when a sponsor wanted to do something but since all sponsorship money had been given to the clubs it could not work.

“So in this Betpawa deal, they decided to keep $1m for promotion and their own things, part of the money is what they use for the locker room bonus.”

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While the Ghana FA has assured that it will do its part to promote the league, it wants the various clubs to also join in to promote their matches.

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