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GES Director encourages children to take education seriously

Madam Mary Magdalene Wompakeah, Nabdam District Director of Education

The Nabdam District Director of Education, Madam Mary Magdalene Wompakeah, has encouraged students, pupils and children of the district to attach significant seriousness to education as that would enable them to become responsible citizens in the future.

She gave this encouragement in a speech to commemorate the 66th Independence Day celebration at Zanlerigu in the Nabdam District of the Upper East Region on Monday.

March 6 is a date set aside for all Ghanaians to celebrate the heroes and heroines who toiled to liberate Mother Ghana from the shackles of colonial rule. In this regard, the yearly event is normally observed across the length and breadth of the country, with the district level not excluded.

Addressing the chiefs and people of Nabdam at the ceremony, Madam Wompakeah expressed great concern about the seemingly declining interest in education by young people of the district, and encouraged them to discard galamsey (illegal mining) and take keen interest in their education, as that was the only avenue through which they could succeed in the future.

“…A worrying situation in Nabdam is the way some children of school-going age engage in economic activities to the detriment of their education. Many of these children prefer to engage in the cracking of stones or working in galamsey pits for money. These children should be convinced that formal education can make them professional miners instead.

“How can we ascertain a brighter future if we do not encourage the young ones to take up livelong investment? Education is the number one investment, which can sustain our lives. It takes perseverance however to reap the benefits of education,” she remarked.

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This year’s event brought together a total of 19 basic school pupils and students of Kongo Senior High School. It also brought together traditional rulers, the security agencies, Tailors and Dressmakers Association of Ghana, Hairdressers and Beauticians Association of Ghana, Textile Weavers of Ghana, and many others.

Madam Wompakeah further entreated parents to place a priority on their wards’ education, stating that “we therefore need to invest in our young ones to guarantee their success in the future.”

She said there was the need for parents to at all times endeavour to provide children with their basic educational needs instead of relying solely on government’s Free SHS policy.

“Parents, let the education of your children be your priority. No one wants to bring children to this world to suffer. Help them secure their future by providing them with their basic needs for education. Don’t over rely on free education. Fulfil your part of parenthood while government supports you,” she added.

From Beyeni Elijah Yenibey, Zanlerigu

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