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Ex-Youth President Fights Back, Debunks Allegations

A former Youth President of Opu-Nembe in Bayelsa State, Comrade Iruo Theo, has debunked claims made by chairman, Council of Chiefs, Chief Ezekiel S.T Ikoli, at a press conference where he made allegations over the armed invasion of Opu-Nembe on February 15, 2023.


According to Iruo, Opu-Nembe (Bassambiri), has been under a brutal siege since the inception of Ayerite Moses as Youth President and his regime of terror has been emboldened by Chief Ikoli who is chairman, Council of Chiefs.



Iruo, whose name was mentioned as one of the attackers, said the press conference granted by Chief Ikoli lacked merit.


He distanced himself and Dr Sam Kojo from the armed invasion of Opu-Nembe, stressing that Dr Kojo could not be involved in causing pain for the people of Opu-Nembe talk more of sending people to invade a community which he cherished and has lofty vision to see the growth of its youths in competence in their different spheres of endeavour.


Iruo declared that the community has been turned into a militant zone and its citizens political prisoners, adding that electricity, water, and other social amenities have been denied the people.


He stated that a peaceful protest carried out by the women of Opu-Nembe failed to achieve the desired result as Chief Ikoli working hand in gloves with Ayerite frustrated the demands of the women and subjected them to inhuman treatment.


While accusing Ayerite of several illegal actions detrimental to the peace of the community, including destruction of people’s houses, Iruo said a series of invitations by security agencies to the said Ayerite has been rebuffed.


He said Chief Ikoli out of fear has continued to shield Ayerite from the law and giving him leeway to threaten politicians and destroy properties of law abiding individuals like King Iyerite Chiefson Awululu of Oluasiri.


Iruo, who vowed to legitimately fight to clear his name and others accused of the attack, said he would unmask Chief Ikoli for his complicity in the crisis ravaging Opu-Nembe with evidence.

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