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Ebonyi PDP group backs Anyim/Umahi alliance

Grace Egbo – Abakaliki

Ebonyi State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has backed former President of the Senate, Anyim Pius Anyim, for supporting the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress Chief Francis Nwifuru.

PDP disclosed this under the auspices of Ivo PDP Caucus, in a statement signed by its Chairman, Dr Oliver Osi on Friday.

Recall that Anyim, had since Wednesday after endorsing the candidate of APC for governor, come under heavy attacks by supporters of the PDP governorship candidate in the State, Chief Ifeanyi Odii, who described him as a political betrayal and ‘mis-calculator’.

According to Osi, PDP governorship candidate Chukwuma Odii group is a sinking ship whose nautical frustration was imminent.

The statement read in part, “We have read with amusement the vituperation of a group of drowning buccaneers shamelessly represented by Chief Abia Onyike, a man who has lost every relevance, sense of responsible citizenship and decorum, traumatised by the ghosts of his own failures. No one would have bothered to dignify a sinking bunch with a response but for the sensibilities of Ndi Ebonyi who Abia Onyike and his co-losers hope would be taken on a roller-coaster of their satanic obfuscation.

“The sorry group of crying buccaneers know very well that it lacks any moral high ground to criticize His Excellency Distinguished Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim’s well-thought-out decision to support the effort to sustain the delicate socio-political balance of Ebonyi by supporting the North to produce the next governor of Ebonyi State.

“However, to not allow them to express their frustration seeing that their little dirty scheme to continue to milk a ductile perpetual (mugu) cash cow is fast shutting down, is akin to beating a child and asking him not to cry. I must give it to them that they were smart enough to have identified a fat cash cow so early and have been pumping it with feeds of desperation for him to keep producing milk. Poor candidate! How would he ever know that he has been led to his Golgotha blindfolded with the damp wool of praise-singing and feigned loyalty by a group of hungry scavengers some of whom could hardly feed their families hitherto?

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“The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi State was never deceived by false philanthropy of someone whose mission, was always to destroy Ebonyi PDP to the advantage of his paymasters. This is a man who was doing his second term as a member of the University of Lagos (LASU) Governing Council, an appointment he received as a reward for his loyalty as a member of the Lagos chapter of the All Progressives People’s Congress (APC). Then he suddenly shows up in 2021 and begins to throw money around. By his own admission, it was this bunch of hungry beasts that pushed him into the governorship contest when it became obvious that his ignoble mission had failed.

“He regretfully continues to bemoan the billions of naira he claims he had spent to hijack the governorship ticket through questionable judicial processes. Now he is stuck, without the faintest idea what to do with it. But his milkers still expect that everyone must sink with them in their ill-fated cruise and continue to bully Ndi Ebonyi in the hope that they can easily be manipulated with some stinking notes.

“Since his inglorious exit from government, Abia Onyike has hardly come close to the management of the Ebonyi PDP and therefore would not have had an inkling about the intrigues that played out in the run-up to primaries. However, he could not wait to jump headlong having identified a verified mugu through whom he could at least afford 2 square meals, without verifying the many tales they churned out on daily basis. How would he and his co-conspirators have known that concerted efforts were made to amicably resolve things between Ebonyi North and Central which were rubbished by the Lagos boy who would stop at nothing to destroy Ebonyi PDP as dictated by his paymasters?

“It must be mentioned that the governorship ticket of the PDP Ebonyi State is still pending before the Supreme Court, arising from the misadventure of the party’s national leadership which shot itself in the foot when it arrogantly decided to disregard the judgement of the Court of Appeal in the chairmanship tussle of the Ebonyi State chapter. It would be absolutely correct therefore to infer that, as of today, the PDP has no valid governorship candidate in Ebonyi.

“That is the truth that the hungry crying wolves that masquerade as Campaign Council members feeding fat off a mugu who knows no better, would give anything to keep from Ndi Ebonyi. This is the Campaign Council that could not deliver 25% in Presidential and National Assembly elections, after receiving a huge sum of money to prosecute the election. Now they think they can use the dirty money to bribe Ndi Ebonyi for votes. Too late.

“Well, it is okay if they think that by denigrating His Excellency Sen. Anyim and the State Chairman of PDP they will find the peace and solace that have eluded their hungry souls for so long. Let these lots be made aware, however, that Ndi Ebonyi are fully aware that Mr. Chukwuma Odii is merely playing to the gallery. He is not running for governor.”



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