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Business Lens Global – CEO speaks at Coventry University about urban air mobility –

Dr Fidel Owusu Agyei, Chief Executive Officer and President for Business Lens Ghana and Africa represented Ghana at the Urban Air Mobility Service Dialogue at Coventry University.

Business Lens Global is the official company in Ghana and Africa to facilitate and operationalize the activities of Urban Airport and Mobility services.

At the Dialogue, Dr Owusu Agyei and his team Dr. Kwame Akissi, Prince Myrie and Susan Apreko, joined the Department of International Trade (DIT) UK and other participants from other countries to learn more about Urban Air Mobility Service.

Coventry University is heading up the world’s first Urban-Air Port, known as Air One, which will bring electric flying taxis and delivery drones to Coventry and other locations internationally.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is transforming the way people move in cities, providing an efficient and eco-friendly means of transportation.

Dr Owusu Agyei (CEO, Business Lens, Ghana); Wayne Wayne Harrop (Associate Professor, Coventry University and Global Disaster Emergency Management and Security at Urban Air-Port, UK); Ricky Sandhu (CEO, Urban Air-Port, UK)

The UAM service at Coventry University is powered by modern electric vehicles and is available for booking seven days a week. With the app, commuters can request rides and track progress in real-time, as well as choose between “Express” and “Standard” rides depending on their needs.

The UAM service provides a convenient and reliable means of transportation at an affordable rate, while also reducing non-renewable energy sources and noise pollution, as the vehicles are electric. Additionally, the service is backed by a customer service team available 24/7 to assist riders.

With its growing fleet of vehicles and ongoing improvements, Coventry UAM Service is revolutionizing the way people travel around the city.

It is providing a valuable, eco-friendly mode of transportation that is also secure, efficient and affordable.

Dr. Fidel Owusu Agyei made the important point that Ghana is the Gateway to Africa and the world and is ready to start the Urban Mobility Services in the country in conjunction with its partners.

This project is ready to bring Urban Mobility Services to the people of Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and the rest of Africa.

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