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BBTitans: Juicy Jay Plans To Break Up With Yvonne

Lately, Juicy Jay has been going through an existential crisis. The reality star and his partner, Olivia are tail of the house this week.

Olivia has been feeling demoralized, she has leaned on her partner to support her. However, Juicy Jay is the one in need of comfort.

Yesterday, Juicy Jay discussed his relationship with Yvonne to Olivia. Olivia Confessed that she knows he’s smitten by her friend. She revealed that their constant Public Display Of Affection is an evidence.

Juicy Jay confided in Olivia that he was contemplating his Relationship with Yvonne. He was feeling down. He felt that he might have to end the relationship because of fear of outside.

“She’s a dime”-Juicy Jay said

He felt that Yvonne might have so many suitors outside and he does not know if she would still want him. He feels it is better he prepares to end the relationship than to be left Heartbroken.


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