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BBTitans Is Not Getting The Usual BBNaija Traction With Naija Audience

One day, hopefully soon, the owners of the Big Brother franchise will admit to themselves that Nigerians are no longer watching the show.

The biggest reality show in Africa has run its course, and should rest for now until another 4–5 years.

The truth is this:

The demographic that used to be obsessed with the show is no longer interested.

They have a new love called Nigerian elections, and they are currently taking tutelage on how democracy works in a third-world country like ours.

The brands that are currently running their ads on this year’s Bog Brother Titans paid as much as 90 million naira, while the big ticket holders, who are the lead sponsors, like Flutterwave, wrote a check for 150 million naira.

It does not make any sense at this point to be spending this amount on exposure because the Big Brother brand in the minds of Nigerians is too overexposed and is no longer the monster it used to be.

The show is suffering from low ratings and a lack of interest by the audience; it was meant to stimulate and capture their imagination.

It is inevitable that if the show is not rested, the loyal brands will be forced to push back on why they will continue to write a check for 90 million naira but not getting the proper return on investment which is commo. Sense.

Aside from this, It does not make any economic sense to continue to run the show with the low buzz that it is currently generating.

Lover boy Yemi was evicted today; Nigerians did not even pay attention.

That is his bad, things have become gif the much beloved Big Brother.

So rest the show for like 4–5 years, then come back with a bang after a 5-year hiatus.

Nigerians who are not paying attention now, distracted by the election, will welcome the show like a man who welcomes a new side chick, a new catch, or a new chick with anticipation and fervor to the alter of Golgotha for intense slaughter after years and months of wooing her.

Brands will pay a premium as well, knowing that they will get a return on their investment.

As it were, if I were a brand owner, I would prefer to go to the Arise TV morning show to advertise than to go on Big Brother.

That is how bad the ratings have become, and I expect the organizers to take a cue, read the room, and then stop

To be honest, the show has had an explosive run, so resting at this point is wisdom and strategizing the franchise for the next stage of growth.

Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

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