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American pornstar solicits support for live broadcast of ‘match’ with Shugatiti

American pornstar, King Nasir, who seems to be enjoying the buzz around his engagement with socialite Shugatiti, has taken to Twitter again, with more plans on how he intends to ‘bang’ the actress.

Following his request to make Shugatiti achieve orgasm, King Nasir, eager to pull through with his plans has stormed Twitter with some updates.

This comes after Shugatiti warned that her energy level is unmatched, adding that, she can have a series of sexual bouts without cumming or getting tired.

After Shugatiti’s post, Nasir took to Twitter to organize a poll asking for opinions on who might win their ‘sex match’, should it happen.

The poll which ends in a couple of hours has garnered over 40,000 votes from respondents.

However, in a new development, King Nasir has now sought support to telecast his sexual bout with Shugatiti live online.

He has shared a link that seeks to secure funding for the intended encounter to be broadcasted live.

“For the fans that wanna see this match up happen! You can support here.This will help us secure funding for broadcasting/live PPV, set design, staff, etc,” his post read.

Shugatiti, however, is yet to declare her consent to King Nasir’s request.

Read the tweets below:

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