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Adamus Resource launches maiden beauty care training programme for first 100 women

The beneficiaries at the launch of the training programme

One hundred women, drawn from the various host communities of Adamus Resource, a mining company, are undergoing a six-month skills training programme in beauty care.

The programme, meant to impact skills and empower the beneficiaries, is sponsored by the mining company in collaboration with the College of Beauty Art and Entrepreneurship.

The College will take the beneficiaries through six months training in Hair Technology, Product Formation, Minery and Accessories amongst others.

The cost of the training is being borne by the mining company, and all that the beneficiaries need to do is to join a free bus provided by the mining company every morning to and from to the center for the training.

The beneficiaries are drawn from Asanda, Anwia, Nkroful, Salman, Axim, and Akango, amongst others, in both the Ellembelle District and Nzema East Municipal.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Ellembelle, Kwasi Bonzo, joined by other Board Members of the mining company, launched the maiden training programme.

The DCE described the programme as an attractive livelihood and sustainable and would go a long way to empower the beneficiaries, and advised the beneficiaries to take the training programme serious.

He added: “We don’t value what we get for free. It is a fact that you are not paying a dime, so you will have to take the programme serious.”

He reminded the beneficiaries that, the presence of the Board Members of the mining company at the launch indicate the importance the company attached to the training programme.

He, however, cautioned them that, the seriousness they would attach to the programme would determine whether or not the mining company should continue with it for another batch next year.

Rebecca Donkor, Head of College of Beauty Art and Entrepreneurship, asked the beneficiaries to consider themselves lucky to have been selected for the training programme, and that as a result, they should take advantage of both the soft and hard skills training that would be imparted.

This is because, learning both the soft and hard skills would make them all-rounder.

She said the programme would reduce unemployment and make them independent, and expressed the hope that after the training programme, they would be confident, transformed and empowered.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Adamus, Angela List, asked the beneficiaries to take the programme seriously, because it was the first step to becoming self-reliant.

“Acquiring skills that can be monetised is the first step to self-reliance. So dedicate yourself to the programme.”

CEO List added that the easiest way to entrepreneurship was beauty care, and there was no doubt the training would impact their livelihoods and make them self-sufficient.

Present were Dr. Tony Aubin, Board Member, and Alex Mensah Hagan, General Manger. Others included Nana Afo Kwaw II, Chief of Teleku Bokazo, Nana Simanle Kpanyile, Chief of Anwia, Nana Kusi Afari II, Akango Chief, and Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Nzema East.

The Chief of Teleku Bokazo, Nana Afo Kwaw II, advised the beneficiaries to know where they were coming from, and reap the investment being made in them by the mining company.

For this reason, they should eschew laziness and soldier on until they pass out as trained and accredited hair beauticians.

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