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Accra Hosts 5th ‘Made in Africa Conference’

From left to right – Samuel Ayim, Catherine Engmann, Modupe S. Taylor- Pearce, Doris Ahiati and Dr. Yaw Perbi of BCA Leadership


BCA Leadership, a pan-African leadership organization on a mission to transform Africa through leadership, has launched the 5th edition of its annual ‘Made in Africa Conference.’

The conference would be held in Accra, on June 14 and 15, 2023, under the theme ‘Making Africa Work for Africans: Collaborations and Partnerships’.

The two-day hybrid (in-person and virtual) conference aims to inspire and support leadership development among African leaders, promote intra-Africa trade and collaboration, and boost productivity and production of goods and services in Africa.

Chief Executive Officer of BCA Leadership Dr. Modupe Taylor-Pearce, commenting on the need for a learning conference such as MLC for African leaders said that now is the moment for African leaders to unify and fight for the greater welfare of the African continent.

“For far too long, Africans have waited for someone else to come and fix our continent. We have waited for the British, the French, the Germans, the Americans, or the Canadians, and lately for the Chinese. None of these groups are ever going to love our continent the way that we love our continent. African problems will be solved by African leaders collaborating with each other to devise solutions; the solutions to African problems are already in Africa,” he said.

He added, “MLC is a conference for civil service leaders and elected officials; for small business owners and corporate leaders; for community leaders and NGO leaders; because all of us share one thing: we are all people whose decisions impact the lives of others.”

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He noted that the primary job as leaders is to make optimal decisions, and those decisions result in outcomes that are experienced by communities, companies, and countries.

“The quality of those decisions made today and this year will determine the future of Africa in the next 5 – 10 years. At MLC, leaders will gather to acquire the skills, networks, and knowledge to make better decisions,” he added.

The target audience of MLC are Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) or Managing Directors (MDs), C-Suite, African company owners and executives, Board Executives, Small Business Owners, and Leaders in public sector.


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